Christmas Printable | Official Elf Warning for Naughty Child


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Tickle, the Elf on the Shelf, came to me recently begging for my help. You see, Tickle knows all too well that Santa will be dispatching him to Little Johnny's house again this year. Quite frankly, he's not looking forward to the trip. Apparently Little Johnny is a bit of a handful. (There is much heated discussion amongst Little Johnny's relatives as to which side of the family he inherited his menacing ways.)

I won't lie, the look in Tickle's glazed eyes sent a shiver of dread to my very core. I knew I had to do whatever I could to help this little helper. So, with Santa's approval, I created these Naughty Warnings. If Little Johnny racks up too many before Christmas, he gets a big nada come wrapping-paper-tearing-time.

If you think your Elf on the Shelf could use one or two (or 20) of these forms, look no further than the link here. There are four blank forms on a page for easy printing and cutting. Enjoy! And good luck!

Download Official Elf Warning for Naughty Child Free Christmas Printable.